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How to live a rich meaning when you retire?

Retirement living can and should be a rewarding time of life. We created this site to provide information for anyone of any age contemplating retirement including boomers, the silent generation and all who have already retired. Retirement is the time to enjoy life. From an early age, we hear rumors of a state of all-encompassing happiness that though elusive is a worthy goal of all beings – the Good Life. All of our efforts and sacrifices directed toward achieving this magical state are well worth the cost. And who in their right mind would not want to live the Good Life? To maintain the Good Life, we need to constantly adjust, tweak and modify these variables to deal with changes in our lives and the lives of those we love. But it seems reasonable that with these elements in place, we would be pretty happily retired, entering each day with a positive attitude, motivated and glad to be alive. The Good Life = Golden Years – a natural extension. So how do seniors get there?

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