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Learning about caregiving

Learning caregiving from people around the world via caregiver connect to provide a useful source of inspiration and strength to the fellow caregiver. Providing or arranging care for an aging loved one, spouse, or friend presents unfamiliar challenges, especially when a crisis strikes or new responsibilities are thrust upon you. Even if you don't expect to be a caregiver today, tomorrow, or this year, it pays to prepare yourself by learning about the fundamental issues and practical concerns surrounding caregiving. While you can’t predict when or the duration long-term care will be needed, you can prepare yourself for its financial, practical, and emotional challenges. Care can sometimes be provided by family or friends but paid care often becomes a necessity. Whether care is provided at home or in a facility, for a few months or a few years, the costs quickly add up. But putting a financial plan in place now can help protect your assets and give peace of mind. Identify what financial options, including savings, will work for you and your family in paying for possible long-term care costs. Learn about these options and whether they are right for you. For most people, there isn’t just one right answer.

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